Thursday, February 19, 2015

The American movie poster I chose to analyze is the "Crazy Stupid Love" poster. The poster seems recent because of the modern type of feeling it gives off  based on the clothes people are wearing in it and furniture. The type of genre being publicized by the poster is obviously a romantic comedy. The evidence behind my assumption is the title and the image on the poster. The man's face gives off a comedic look why you can still see the sensual leg and high heel of a woman. Also, the faces of the actors on the bottom are laughing instead of being serious.The colors of the poster were most likely chosen to contrast the explosive color behind the actor's face and the calm colors in the big image so that it gives them some personality. The path my eye follows when I look at the poster is the man then the leg of the woman. I think they did this to evoke a comedic but sensual response from the audience. Overall the effects of the poster work well together and make me want to see the movie, so the ad is a success in my eyes.

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