Thursday, February 26, 2015

Design Plan

  • Purpose - I want to analyze the strategies that went into creating the movie posters for The Dark Knight movie series.
  • Audience - My audience will be my fellow classmates and peers who I can only assume have some familiarity with my topic.
  • Context - The time of communication will be whenever it is due which i still do not know. The place will most likely be in class or at school. The broader communication will be that it is grammatically correct and academic since it will be at school.
  • Strategies- ethos - In order to examine the credibility of the author I will look at their reputation and expertise.
  • logos - In order to examine their logic I will consider any reasons as to why they constructed the poster the way that they did.
  • pathos - I will identify any attempts to evoke emotion in the reader through visuals, text, or colors.
  • Medium- The medium of this project is given. It will be an academic paper with pictures in it.
  • Arrangement- My arrangement will consist of having the pictures of the movie posters on the left side of the text that corresponds to the what the text is talking about. I will do this so the reader will see the image before I begin talking so they can see what I am talking about as they read and pictures just make the text seem more interesting in my opinion.

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