Thursday, February 12, 2015

            Purpose Statement
The motivation in this situation is mostly for the assignment but I am also motivated from within on this topic. I am hoping my audience begins to think about how technology is negatively affecting their everyday lives then eventually will start doing things to switch up these bad habits after seeing what I was trying to communicate. Although I am focusing on the bad side of technology, that does not mean I think all technology is. The event that made me want to communicate this with my audience is more of period of time in my life. This period of time lasted since the day I was born till mid-way in my junior year in high school. I experienced life with minimal amounts of technology compared to others my age and I see how people had become slaves to the tiny screens in their pockets. The best possible outcome from seeing my photo essay would be people limiting use of technology to a need basis and being more social and just happier in general. The worst possible outcome would be people using their technology and not even seeing any of this. The purpose behind my photo essay is definitely worth trying to achieve so the world can be a better place. The audiences I will be attempting to communicate with are my peers, the younger generation. My audience is young, tech savvy, and materialistic. The moment my audience encounters my essay; they will probably think I am a hypocrite for talking about technology on technology and deny that they are anti-social but deep down they will know the truth. The time and place of communication will be anytime people view my blog online or when I present to class at noon. The time and place will probably make the audience feel like I only did this essay for the class assignment.

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