Thursday, January 22, 2015

Good communication today is a hard attribute to find in someone because of how technology has isolated so many people instead of actually connecting them like it was suppose to do. Writing and design changes this and makes people actually make a difference in many ways. Writing and design can help you identify problems better which in turn help you communicate the solution to these problems either written or orally with communication. since communication is persuasive  the design and writing aspect of persuasion help generate diverse responses either created by yourself or someone else.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I personally think blogs are this century's form of a diary and most are probably boring or irrelevant to most people unless they contain good stories and are written pretty well. I do however think blogs can be useful for people that need to get things off their chest but cannot because somethings are to personal or communicate better over text than in person. A blogger can be anybody but when I think of people who blog I usually think of women or someone who likes writing. Women usually talk more than men and want others to listen while guys on the other hand keep quiet. The kind of person that blogs most likely has strong opinions on some topics and want to voice their opinion somehow. the only way a blog could have use for me is helping me in this class because I think we blog for a grade.