Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ivan Diaz
Design Plan for a Photo Essay
PURPOSE: My objective for my photo essay is to show how technology has made people socially awkward and is making them miss opportunities when they knock on the door. Hopefully my essay can make my audience think or become aware about how their technology is holding them back because sometimes people are oblivious to it. The photos I will use will show these missed opportunities because there is not always a picture being taken of it that you can actually see what would or could have happened. My intention in showing the two different outcomes is that my audience will not use their technology as much when out doing things that can be hindered by it and become a more social person in real life instead of on a social network.
MEDIUM: It is pretty obvious I am going to be using photographs in a photo essay. I really do not like taking pictures as much as other people nor am I good at it due to lack of experience. To illustrate my purpose I will be putting two photos side by side, one showing technology hindering opportunities and the other of what could have happened If the technology was not in the picture. Taking the pictures will be easy since everyone I see is usually on their phone. Some will be with friends hanging out, the photos will be a surprise so that they are authentic. Some photos will be of random people at school and other social places. I will have someone help me with the editing of photos for the final project.
STRATEGIES: The technique I will use to show ethos in my photographs is by trying to direct my audience’s attention to the people or object I choose so they can see why I took the photo the way that I did. By doing this hopefully they can see what kind of character I have and make them notice that there was something worth photographing. I have various techniques for expressing pathos. By capturing the emotions on the people in the pictures maybe the audience will feel the same way. Another technique that evokes pathos will be the color in the photographs. By making the pictures without any technology brighter and more colorful than the ones with, hopefully the audience will start seeing my reasoning better. Lastly, the technique for logos will have to do with arrangement. I will not overwhelm my audience with too many photos at once, there will be a visual path so they know which photos I wanted them to see first, and everything will look like they fit together nicely.
ARRANGEMENT: I will have a tech PowerPoint background. The slides will have a title that relates to the two photos and then smaller words on bottom explaining what is happening in each. I will also ask the question "have you ever?" right before the pictures start.

TESTING: I will test out my photo essay with my peers and by showing it to some friends to see if they can see what I'm trying to go with the essay.   

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