Thursday, February 26, 2015

Purpose Statement
The motivation for doing my visual analysis is mainly external. By this I mean it is for a class assignment but there is some internal motivation since I got to choose the topic. I want my audience to see more than a movie poster the next time they look at my visual analysis of the dark knight and see the strategies used by the author that actually got them to see the movie. The best outcome would be me explaining and seeing every aspect of the movie posters to my audience. The worst would be me not being able to show them anything they do not already see regularly when they see the poster. My audience consist of my scholarly peers. This means they are young and educated and probably already have some knowledge or have seen the visual I am analyzing. The time and place that they will see my project will be in class in the form of an academic paper.
Design Plan

  • Purpose - I want to analyze the strategies that went into creating the movie posters for The Dark Knight movie series.
  • Audience - My audience will be my fellow classmates and peers who I can only assume have some familiarity with my topic.
  • Context - The time of communication will be whenever it is due which i still do not know. The place will most likely be in class or at school. The broader communication will be that it is grammatically correct and academic since it will be at school.
  • Strategies- ethos - In order to examine the credibility of the author I will look at their reputation and expertise.
  • logos - In order to examine their logic I will consider any reasons as to why they constructed the poster the way that they did.
  • pathos - I will identify any attempts to evoke emotion in the reader through visuals, text, or colors.
  • Medium- The medium of this project is given. It will be an academic paper with pictures in it.
  • Arrangement- My arrangement will consist of having the pictures of the movie posters on the left side of the text that corresponds to the what the text is talking about. I will do this so the reader will see the image before I begin talking so they can see what I am talking about as they read and pictures just make the text seem more interesting in my opinion.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The American movie poster I chose to analyze is the "Crazy Stupid Love" poster. The poster seems recent because of the modern type of feeling it gives off  based on the clothes people are wearing in it and furniture. The type of genre being publicized by the poster is obviously a romantic comedy. The evidence behind my assumption is the title and the image on the poster. The man's face gives off a comedic look why you can still see the sensual leg and high heel of a woman. Also, the faces of the actors on the bottom are laughing instead of being serious.The colors of the poster were most likely chosen to contrast the explosive color behind the actor's face and the calm colors in the big image so that it gives them some personality. The path my eye follows when I look at the poster is the man then the leg of the woman. I think they did this to evoke a comedic but sensual response from the audience. Overall the effects of the poster work well together and make me want to see the movie, so the ad is a success in my eyes.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

            Purpose Statement
The motivation in this situation is mostly for the assignment but I am also motivated from within on this topic. I am hoping my audience begins to think about how technology is negatively affecting their everyday lives then eventually will start doing things to switch up these bad habits after seeing what I was trying to communicate. Although I am focusing on the bad side of technology, that does not mean I think all technology is. The event that made me want to communicate this with my audience is more of period of time in my life. This period of time lasted since the day I was born till mid-way in my junior year in high school. I experienced life with minimal amounts of technology compared to others my age and I see how people had become slaves to the tiny screens in their pockets. The best possible outcome from seeing my photo essay would be people limiting use of technology to a need basis and being more social and just happier in general. The worst possible outcome would be people using their technology and not even seeing any of this. The purpose behind my photo essay is definitely worth trying to achieve so the world can be a better place. The audiences I will be attempting to communicate with are my peers, the younger generation. My audience is young, tech savvy, and materialistic. The moment my audience encounters my essay; they will probably think I am a hypocrite for talking about technology on technology and deny that they are anti-social but deep down they will know the truth. The time and place of communication will be anytime people view my blog online or when I present to class at noon. The time and place will probably make the audience feel like I only did this essay for the class assignment.
After finishing my photo essay I was a little bit surprised on how it came out overall. I knew it was not going to be good because I am not all that great at taking pictures and I probably could have done better than what i did but i think it is a decent photo essay for a first timer. The future for my photo essay looked so bright when I first made the design plan, ideas were flowing and I could relate to the topic but somehow i still ended up coming short. I just do not know where I went wrong. Most of my original design plan can be seen in my final project but there are some parts that are still lacking. It is like when you have one messed up curtain in the morning and a sliver of light passes through that wakes you up, the light being my original design plan and hopefully the person waking up is the audience so that they are not sleeping while viewing my photo essay. In the end, I do not see this as a complete failure because I think i accomplished a couple of good things from my original design plan and did enough to fulfill what was required of me.
Ivan Diaz
Design Plan for a Photo Essay
PURPOSE: My objective for my photo essay is to show how technology has made people socially awkward and is making them miss opportunities when they knock on the door. Hopefully my essay can make my audience think or become aware about how their technology is holding them back because sometimes people are oblivious to it. The photos I will use will show these missed opportunities because there is not always a picture being taken of it that you can actually see what would or could have happened. My intention in showing the two different outcomes is that my audience will not use their technology as much when out doing things that can be hindered by it and become a more social person in real life instead of on a social network.
MEDIUM: It is pretty obvious I am going to be using photographs in a photo essay. I really do not like taking pictures as much as other people nor am I good at it due to lack of experience. To illustrate my purpose I will be putting two photos side by side, one showing technology hindering opportunities and the other of what could have happened If the technology was not in the picture. Taking the pictures will be easy since everyone I see is usually on their phone. Some will be with friends hanging out, the photos will be a surprise so that they are authentic. Some photos will be of random people at school and other social places. I will have someone help me with the editing of photos for the final project.
STRATEGIES: The technique I will use to show ethos in my photographs is by trying to direct my audience’s attention to the people or object I choose so they can see why I took the photo the way that I did. By doing this hopefully they can see what kind of character I have and make them notice that there was something worth photographing. I have various techniques for expressing pathos. By capturing the emotions on the people in the pictures maybe the audience will feel the same way. Another technique that evokes pathos will be the color in the photographs. By making the pictures without any technology brighter and more colorful than the ones with, hopefully the audience will start seeing my reasoning better. Lastly, the technique for logos will have to do with arrangement. I will not overwhelm my audience with too many photos at once, there will be a visual path so they know which photos I wanted them to see first, and everything will look like they fit together nicely.
ARRANGEMENT: I will have a tech PowerPoint background. The slides will have a title that relates to the two photos and then smaller words on bottom explaining what is happening in each. I will also ask the question "have you ever?" right before the pictures start.

TESTING: I will test out my photo essay with my peers and by showing it to some friends to see if they can see what I'm trying to go with the essay.